NURBAN Philosophy

NURBAN is: rural-urban

NURBAN combines the best of both – rural and urban.
Accessibility, convenience, public space, modern design and facilities – like in the CITY, and natural beauty, healthy and sustainable environment with privacy – like in the COUNTRYSIDE.

NURBAN is: sustainable

A sustainable development has three interdependent requirements: environmental, social and economic. Only then it is a long term solution for everyone.

NURBAN cares about: people, balance & integrity

NURBAN is about Nordic traditions with a hint of Mediterraneanization that lead to intelligent and balanced utilization of space, creating balance between private space and public space and balance between people and buildings.

NURBAN is: motivated by local community

Area planning and architecture are most valuable if they are driven by the local community’s aspirations, the physical surroundings and its people.

NURBAN develops: modern design & advanced solutions

We develop modern design and advanced solutions that are attractive, thoughtful, practical, advanced, innovative and Nordic – overall improving the quality of life.

NURBAN values: timber

Timber is climate friendly, carbon negative, cost efficient, flexible in design and it fits into surroundings – you can enjoy both quality of life and integrity of the world at the same time.

NURBAN is: standardized and flexible

The use of standardized prefabricated timber frame elements and modules makes it fast, affordable, scalable and ensures quality. At the same time it allows for a variety of combinations and any kind of buildings from single family houses to apartment buildings and social buildings.