Margus Pauts is the Managing Director and Board Member at NURBAN. He has over 12 years of experience in
international sales and marketing and sales management. He has also worked in an international real estate development company, headquartered in Estonia, while operating in Central and Eastern European countries, managing the assets of Scandinavian investors. Margus is educated in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
E: P: +372 511 3550


Arne Ingvar Moen is a Partner and Member of Supervisory Board at NURBAN and owner of Moen Design AS – a company located in Telemark, Norway – also known as a producer and co-developer of the concept ”Buen Hyttene”. Arne is also a co-owner of Nordic Houses group in Estonia. Arne is our expert in construction and has good technical knowledge for executing of larger projects. He has more than 20 years of experience as a carpenter and as a construction manager. Among other experience, he has also been a rescuer in the Army of Defence and as diver on North Sea.
E: P: +47 4142 8000

Argo Saul is a Partner and Chairman of Supervisory Board at NURBAN and majority owner of Nordic Houses – one of the leading companies in the Estonian industry of wooden houses and co-developer of the well known concept ”Buen Hyttene” in Norway. Argo has education and 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and international trade. He has also been the Board member at the Estonian Woodhouse Association and currently the Board member of the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

E:  P: +372 507 6680